Innovative Sheffield project will give free event tickets to thousands

Innovative Sheffield project will give free event tickets to thousands

13 March 2019

The Ticket Bank is an online ticket donation platform from Tickets for Good. Event organisers can pledge spare tickets to the website to be distributed for free in partnership with charities and local community groups.


For some people, access to live music gigs, theatre performances and other events is taken for granted but sadly this is not the case for many others. Financial constraints, care commitments and social exclusion are just some of the barriers that can prohibit people from going out and enjoying events.

The Ticket Bank is a digital project, created and based in Sheffield, that is providing free tickets to a wide range of events. These tickets can be accessed for free by registered community organisations and charities.

The link between mental wellbeing and access to the arts is now well documented. Studies in Italy have proven that cultural access is the second most important determinant of wellbeing above factors such as occupation, age, income and education (Grossi, et al. 2010 & 2012). Ticket Bank is looking to boost inclusion in the arts by using their unique and secure digital platform.

The Ticket Bank program has now hit well over 500+ tickets donated to disadvantaged people in receipt of charity assistance and with over 100 charities on the platform, this figure will continue to grow. They have formed new  partnerships in their native Sheffield, alongside Manchester, London, Bristol and York and have delivered a successful campaign for Off The Shelf Festival in 2018

Rachel Boyce – Ticket Bank Lead said: "The Ticket Bank has been a fantastic programme to work on, it's a pleasure to work with venues that are keen to increase their social responsibility by working with us to make their events more inclusive and audiences more diverse.

Steve Rimmer - Co-Founder and CEO of Tickets for Good said: I'm so pleased to share our vision of making events more charitable and inclusive. Our mission is to help event organisers, sponsors and performers optimise for diversity and inclusion, so that everyone in the community can benefit from social responsibility. 

"Participation in social activity should be for everyone, and we are so pleased to be sharing our successful first year operating our ticket donations program and the amazing partnerships that have been already achieved across the music, theatre, film and sports industry.

Registered charities and non-profit community groups are invited to sign up via the website so that they can immediately start distributing free tickets to their clients and service users. 

Event organisers, sponsors or performers interested in optimising for diversity and inclusion should email and for more information on Tickets for GoOD visit :