Ingenuity, creativity, entrepreneurship.

Whether you’re a digital SME, artisan producer, or FTSE 100 you’re in good company in Sheffield. Our business community is a crucible of ideas, skills and opportunity. There’s no shortage of sharp minds here, connections are easily made.

Creating a base for your business in Sheffield creates the right environment for growth and success. If you’re setting up here, Business Sheffield can help you access funding and expertise.

This is a city that embraces inventive spirit, we’re home to many successful start-ups. When you’re ready to put your business plan into action, you’ll find lots of free training, workshops, and networking events to build your foundations.

Sheffield’s a collaborative city.

How can we make your business work better?

Help for local businesses
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Sheffield is the top city to start a business. looked at 42 categories to find the best cities to start a business in- and Sheffield came top. We also scored second for Business Support and third for talent. We’re always super proud to support our start ups and shout about the entrepreneurial spirit in Sheffield. It’s even better when someone else does too.

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Sector specialisms

Certain industries are booming right now in the city - and even though some of them are in separate sectors, you'd be amazed at how easily they overlap and compliment each other because of other factors.

And if that doesn't quite make sense, click and read on and you'll soon get the picture.

An orange McLaren parked outside the McLaren building at The Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District.

Looking to invest in Sheffield?

Whether it's bringing your workforce here, opening up a new location, or investing in property and developments (of which there's quite a lot going on at the moment in The Outdoor City!), have a look through how you can help be part of the legacy that is Sheffield's future.

Investing in Sheffield
Meet Mobile Power

Sub-Saharan Africa

What does it have to do with business in Sheffield?

A city that makes start ups


Sellics ranked Sheffield as the third best city in the world to launch an online business.

Sellics rankings


Paymentsense ranked Sheffield as the best city in the UK to start a business.

Paymentsense rankings


Startups Cities Index rated us best city in the UK to start a business.

Startups report

Partnership and collaboration

Business Sheffield partner with several organisations on a number of projects. We’re a city that likes to work together and it’s key to helping businesses grown and thrive. Here’s a few of our close friends you might like to get to know.

Workshops, webinars and networking

Our comprehensive series has all the tools that businesses need whatever stage of the journey you are at. From in person networking events and online workshops to webinars to watch when it suits you best, there’s an event to suit everyone. As well as learning, you never know who you might connect with so please try them out.

Economic Recovery Fund

The Council’s Economic Recovery Fund was launched in 2021 to help local high streets recover from the pandemic, and supported amazing local businesses to make the changes they wanted to see. Find out what they’ve achieved and learn about the future of the ERF.

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