There are also so many incredible festivals that go on in the city, from mass public participation to specialist themes that have global impact and appeal. It would be a long list to include them all, but here are some of the most well-known and unique - all of which display a strong local twist.

Summer in the Outdoor City 2021

Summer 2021 saw our biggest season of events yet, with outdoor activities combining seamlessly with cultural events and music festivals. Watch this video to get a snapshot of what goes on over summer in Sheffield - and see you for the 2022 edition...

Music festivals

Celebrating the Outdoor City


The Sheffield Adventure Film Festival celebrates the best new adventure films from around the world with an annual festival and a schedule of year-round events.

Festival of the Outdoors

A month-long schedule of events and activities kick off 'outdoor season' every March, celebrating Sheffield's many vibrant outdoor communities


A weekend of activity in the city centre, Cliffhanger includes everything from skateboarding to mountain biking, and at the centre of it all is the British Bouldering Championship, located in a city centre park on a purpose built wall.

Sheffield Walking Festival

Timed to coincide with Heritage Week, the walking festival explores our green spaces as much as our heritage sites.