The Business Sheffield team is made up of a wide array of specialists who you can speak to directly to get support, advice and help.

If you’re starting up look for our start up advisors. If you are a high street businesses, you’ll want to make contact with our team of Business Information Officers- there’s one for every high street area in the city and they are experts in retail and hospitality. For those involved in tech, look for our tech specialists. And if it’s growth you are looking at-- yes you’ve guessed it- we have a few great growth advisors ready to help.

Click on any of the advisors below to see what they specialise in and how to get in touch. If you’re not sure who is right for your business, you can always call our team on 0114 224 5000 and they will guide you through to the right advisor.

If you'd prefer to leave some details and for us to get back to you then please scroll to the bottom of this page where you can easily do so via a simple web form.

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