This is Sheffield

We are a city renowned for thinking, making and inventing. Whether it is digital innovation, or excellence in engineering, our city is responding positively to rapid changes in the global economy. Average salaries are up. Rents are up. Our economy has expanded by over 3% in the last 12 months alone.

With growth comes opportunities. Opportunities to invest. Opportunities to attract new businesses. Central to our success is our commitment to collaboration. Collaboration between local government, investors and developers. Our focus is on working together to create a city that benefits all.

A view of the outside of the Sheffield Winter Garden seen from Millennium Square.

Key figures

A significant workforce

1.4 million people work in our “travel to work” area. 900,000 are aged between 16 to 64 years old and 38% of them have a degree or higher, which is the 4th highest amongst the core cities.

Young and growing

30% of the Sheffield workforce is under 30 years old. The number of graduates has increased by 16%, the highest increase among the core cities.

Talent in spades

There are over 60,000 students based at our two world class Universities. We have the 5th highest student population and the 3rd highest number of graduates among the core cities.

Get a feel for the city

Watch the highlights of our Summer in the Outdoor City 2021 programme - nature and culture perfectly blended like nowhere else can do.

Not many better locations


By rail we are 2 hours from London St Pancras, 50 minutes from Manchester and 40 minutes from Leeds.

We also are within easy distance via road or rail from 4 international airports: Manchester, East Midlands, Birmingham and Leeds Bradford.


Some of the most affordable housing in the UK and low costs of living and transportation mean things go further in Sheffield.

Health & wellbeing

Sheffield has the highest greenspace percentage of any city in the world, at 61% - and 1/3 of the city is in the Peak District National Park, with 5 rivers intersecting it.