A panorama shot of the Sheffield skyline at sunrise.

Just the right amount of everything.

Sheffield isn't a place where you'll find a saturation of one aspect of life. We won't try to tell you that we've got the best of one specific thing, because truth be told it's all down to what you want to make of it. Sure, there are other cities with more Michelin star restaurants, bigger nightclubs, iconic art galleries and so on and so on.

But we don't think anywhere quite has the mix of everything that we've got, all wrapped up into one green, vibrant, energetic and down to earth place that properly feels like home.

So below you'll see some of the things that make up that mix that we know make Sheffield special to people. And the reality of it is, it's special because it comes with all the other parts alongside it too.

People gathered round, at dusk, listening to a band play in an outdoor setting.

Summer in the Outdoor City 2021

Our highlights reel from everything that went on during our summer season in 2021. See you in 2022, no doubt...

The exterior of the Kelham Island Tavern public house in Sheffield, painted in white green and gold.

Check out one of Time Out's coolest neighbourhoods in the world!

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Music, festivals and the arts

An exploding food and drink scene

There are more craft breweries here per person than in any other city in the land, making Sheffield one of the brewing capitals of the world. But we all know you need some decent grub to soak up the booze, and thankfully we've got everything from street food on the go to critically acclaimed dining. But don't worry, we're all about staying casual here and keeping things down to earth.

Get my taste buds going

Heritage across the board

The Home of Football

The beautiful game wouldn't be what it is if it weren't for this city. The rules were written here, the oldest club in the world plays here, and the oldest standing professional ground is still in use here.

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Some of the most iconic and well known computer games of a generation came out of the brains of Sheffield game designers and creators, which is why we are incredibly proud to also be home to the National Videogame Museum.


12th century castle

Sadly it doesn't still stand, but the legacy it created lives on with our making heritage that can be traced back to the 12th century and is present now in the Castlegate area.

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Are we the friendliest city on earth?

"Kind of like Cannes but with less fancy frocks and more friendly faces."

Nature and greenspace

In The Outdoor City it's not a case of having to head out and find nature - it's never far away. With a fist full of hills and five rivers flowing through, there genuinely aren't many cities in the world that can give you as much as Sheffield can when it comes to greenspace.

The first City of Sanctuary

As the first City of Sanctuary, it was only fitting that we welcomed Amal on her journey from the Turkey/Syria border to highlight the realities of what refugees undertake. Her welcome - and the preparation behind it - is documented in this video.


With an unprecedented level of academies, training facilities, research bases and grassroots teams, this city is truly a home of sport whether you're into boxing, climbing, football or running. Good luck finding time for it all!

A view of the façade at Park Hill Flats taken from one of the walkways.


A whole host of different styles from brutalist to modern, with lots of tree lined streets and quirky approaches to city planning (thanks to all the hills!) as well as Europe's largest Grade II listed building and Europe's largest urban glasshouse make Sheffield a city that leaves its mark on those with an architectural interest.