High Street Recovery Business Workshops

A special ‘pick and mix’ of our recovery workshops tailored for high street businesses at all stages of recovery.

NEW FOR OCTOBER is our Festive Season Planning Series- pick your sector (retail, personal care, pubs/bars/restaurants or accommodation providers) for tips and tricks from Clare Bailey, the UK’s Retail expert, on marketing, selling, digital, prepping for the Winter Plan and all things Black Friday.

All of our sessions are hosted by one of our team of industry experts as they guide you through the challenges of marketing your business, managing cashflow, taking the guesswork out of social media and keeping Covid safe as we head into the Winter period.  

These are recorded sessions which you can watch via the video links below.  

Please note: Some of the later sessions were recorded at various stages of the Roadmap and whilst all content is deemed relevant to businesses now there may be references to earlier stages of the Roadmap.

Keep checking back as new sessions are added regularly!


Festive Season Planning- for Retailers


Festive Season Planning- for Personal Care and Salons


Festive Season Planning- for Pubs, Bars and Restaurants


Festive Season Planning- for Accommodation providers

Managing and Understanding Cash Flow 


Understanding why ventilation is so important in the workplace

How to Increase your Footfall


Creating a Marketing and Promotional Calendar


10 Steps to Retail Success