Sheffield has one of the largest concentrations of climbers to be found anywhere in the world.

Shauna Coxsey lives here, which kind of says it all really...

From challenging gritstone routes and stunning views at Stanage and Burbage, to some of the best indoor walls to have been created - including the training centre for Team GB Climbing at The Climbing Works and the Tokyo Olympics replica wall at the Hangar - there's an array of opportunity for climbing in Sheffield, so you'll never be yearning for an ascent or a bouldering problem while you're here. That's why world class climbing athletes make The Outdoor City their home and we have a 10,000 strong climbing community.

Two climbers on a rocky outcrop high-fiving each other.

Get inspired to climb

A short video to give you a feel for going on a climbing adventure from Sheffield. You can almost feel the grit scraping your fingertips...

We have thousands of climbing spots around the outskirts of the city centre and into the Peak District. So with countless recorded climbing routes on boulders, edges, crags and quarries, it’s no wonder that the city has become a mecca for climbing enthusiasts. Sheffield is so climbing mad that you even get people practising on the city’s aged and weathered stone walls in places like Broomgrove Road and Mushroom Lane. To many in Sheffield, climbing is a way of life.

So whether you're a beginner looking to get into the sport from scratch or a budding enthusiast looking to move here to get a bit more work/life balance, we've plenty to whet your appetite.


Climbing in Sheffield with Team BMC

Check out this really handy guide to the climbing scene and spots by the British Mountaineering Council

Head indoors

We have some of the best and most accessible climbing on our doorstep. But sometimes you just don't want to be outside, and especially in winter you need to keep your skills honed with some indoor training. And with GB Climbing based here, you know that means we have incredible indoor walls too - featuring Tokyo 2022 replica routes and elite training centres.

The Rab Climbing Works International Festival 2023 (CWIF) - Finals

Watch the CWIF 2023 finals and get some inspiration for your next climb.


can all help

Be a better Outdoor Cityzen

Whether you live here or are visiting - biodiversity, the climate and nature crises, and health and wellbeing are important aspects of life to consider.

We want to help everyone make Sheffield more sustainable, eco-conscious and biodiverse.