The best way to experience Sheffield is on foot... 

Scenic viewpoints, lush valleys, weaving waterways, ancient woodland... why wouldn't you walk?

It's not too common that you get all this in a city and it's even less common that you can get to it all so easily! In Sheffield, it's all on the doorstep, so you won't have to walk very far to start experiencing this fantastic variety of landscape. 

The city's parks often connect wilder greenspaces, and there's the Peak District of course, which actually makes up 1/3 of the city itself. It's no wonder outdoor folks who want an active weekend away (with plenty of heritage, cafes, pubs and culture all intertwined too) choose to come here.

Top Sheffield walks & destinations

Rivelin Valley Trail

The Rivelin Valley Trail stretches two and a half miles, linking Sheffield to the Peak District, and is punctuated with fascinating reminders of the city’s industrial past

Five Weirs Walk

The Five Weirs Canal Walk is a surfaced path and cycleway, stretching for 7.5 km along the River Don and passing the five historic weirs from which it takes its name.

Sheffield Round Walk

The Sheffield Round Walk is a 15-mile loop from the urban to the rural at the southwestern edges of the city – taking in leafy parkland, woodland streams, and pretty suburbs.

Norfolk Heritage Trail

A walk through centuries of Sheffield history – from the middle ages to the modern, via the Tudors, Victorians and two world wars.

A walk on the wild side at Wyming Brook

An unexpected slice of wilderness so close to the city centre.

Reservoir walks in Low Bradfield

Low Bradfield is surrounded by four reservoirs. The closest of the four are Agden and Damflask, and the village is a great starting point for a picturesque waterside walk round one or the other – or both.

Blacka Moor - deer & moorland in the city

The moorland in and around south-western Sheffield acts as a link between the city itself and the wider Peak District National Park. Much of this vast space, that lies within the city boundary, is in public or charitable ownership and as such is accessible and well-maintained and has vast species of flora and fauna, including red deer.

A circular walk from Surprise View

This particular walk is a superb short stroll, suitable for families with young children (although bear in mind that it’s not pushchair friendly) or for those who are looking for a leisurely amble with a café stop en-route. It also works well as a trail run and, if you’re looking for something more challenging, it’s easy to add extra miles via exploring the myriad of paths around the Burbage moors.

Get around with the greenground map

Created in 2021 to help show that there's greenspace for all across the whole of the city, it's a great way to get some inspiration for new places or to see how you can link one area with another through parks and woodlands or across rivers and moorland.

A hand holding a glass of beer in front of the Sheffield skyline on a sunny day.

"Walking always lifts my spirits"

Julia Bradbury guides you round some of her favourite Sheffield walks, covering the hills and the peaks right down to the canals and industrial heritage of the city.


Videos of the walks

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