6 unique street artists in Sheffield

With the whole of Sheffield as a canvas it’s no wonder our street art scene is flourishing. So much so that it would be impossible to update each new piece that pops up (head on over to Street Art Sheffield for a comprehensive collection) - but here are 6 artists who have transformed Sheffield thanks to their beautiful works. So as you're walking or cycling around the city, keep an eye out for inspirational (and sometimes humorous) pieces that celebrate our local character. 


Phlegm takes over architecture with his murals and changes the entire field of view with his visuals, intertwining surreal and highly imaginative work with existing deteriorating structures. Industrial buildings often form the backdrop for his murals, and you can find them decorating gable ends on Snuff Mill Lane off Ecclesall Road, or spot his watery creatures from the terrace of the Riverside pub. You may also have seen his work in other cities as he has been commissioned all over the world.

His most famous work is probably the Mausoleum of the Giants, which brought his work to life in three dimensions for the first time ever in our very own city. It ran for a limited time only in an old factory and saw thousands of visitors from all over the world - but some of the figures have been saved and can be seen in The House skate park. Watch the video below to (re)live the experience.



Jo Peel

Jo Peel paints, draws and animates everyday scenes that explore the metamorphosis of the urban environment. Jo has well known pieces on The Howard pub opposite Sheffield station and at Porter Brook pocket park on Sidney Street. Her work also decorates the Henderson’s Relish factory, an iconic Sheffield brand, and Haggler's Corner (a popular cultural and night time hang out spot). Or alternatively you can admire Jo’s work while sipping artisan coffee inside The Depot Bakery, Kelham Island.


Pete McKee

With a background as a cartoonist, Pete McKee’s style is unique and instantly recognisable. Sheffield born and bred, Pete’s work explores various themes including working class humour and culture, depicting holidays, relationships, and family. Pete McKee’s gallery A Month of Sundays is free to visit, and can be found nestled amongst independent shops and cafes on Sharrow Vale Road, Nether Edge.


Fem Sorcell

Fem Sorcell aims to draw you into an ethereal and surreal world filled with feminine characters and creatures, neon pink swirls and splatters. Find her work hidden around the old industrial areas of Sheffield, or enjoy it in the comfort of Graffiti Bar and Kitchen, Kelham which serves freshly prepared Pan Asian Street food.


Florence Blanchard

Florence Blanchard curated the Feature Walls street art project and jointly curates Sheffield’s B&B Gallery. Her work is directly inspired by her past experience working as a scientist, depicting abstract molecular landscapes that question our idea of visual perception. Find her mural wrapping Access Space then visit B&B Gallery, both are on Sidney Street in the city centre. You can also see the brilliant Pinball Park she was commissioned to paint, which is opposite Site Gallery just a couple of minutes walk from the train station.


Rob Lee

Rob Lee’s work explores the strained relationship between nature and technology, using pattern, repetition and abstraction to explore the concepts of perceived reality and illusion. Check out Now Then, at the top of Howard Street, a large scale optical illusion that works best when standing on the viewpoint stenciled on the floor. Rob’s murals also adorn Gin Bar and Forge Bakehouse on Abbeydale Road.


Navigate your way around the city centre by following this Sheffield Street Art Trail that takes you around 10 murals, plus one on Ecclesall Road. Or, pack two adventures into one by discovering our street art and our local craft ales with this Street Art pub crawl.