A walk on the wild side at Wyming Brook

Please note (as of 11 September 2023), Wyming Brook Nature Reserve is currently closed and will be until late winter.

All paths on the reserve will be closed as Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust are undertaking major works to remove larch trees that are being affected by the disease 'Phytophthora ramorum'. For more information please visit their website here.

walker crossing mossy stepping stones over babbling brook at Wyming Brook Nature Reserve

From street to babbling streams in less than half an hour!

Lace up your boots and catch the 51 bus out to Lodge Moor (Redmires Road Terminus). Four miles to the west past the student hub of Broomhill, you’ll reach Wyming Brook Nature Reserve – an unexpected slice of wilderness so close to Sheffield's suburbs and just a short journey from the city centre itself.

Once set aside for the exclusive use of the nobility when it was part of the hunting and hawking grounds of Rivelin Chase, Wyming Brook’s babbling streams, mossy crags and sweet smelling pines are protected today as a valuable home to wildlife, managed by Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust.

The difference now is that we can all enjoy this little bit of wilderness on the western edge of the city, with its easy strolls by the streams or higher, rockier routes with dramatic views of Rivelin Dams, Redmires Reservoirs and the city beyond.

It’s all signposted from the bus stop – so you can’t go wrong. Whichever path you choose you’ll meander through the trees, crossing picturesque bridges, chasing waterfalls and skipping over stepping stones. It's no wonder this location has become a bit of an Instagram hotspot and a favourite with landscape photographers. 

In The Outdoor City, the pub’s always part of the adventure. Stop off at The Three Merry Lads on Redmires Road for a bite to eat. It’s the heart of the community, so chat to the locals while you’re there, they’ve got some great stories to tell. 

Though we recommend hopping on the bus so you can take advantage of the pub, there is a car park at the site though it can get busy and fills up fast at weekends. If you visit during the week, you'll have a much quieter experience and get to enjoy Wyming Brook more to yourself.  

Walking Routes
1.7 mile loop.
5 mile loop incorporating Rivelin and Redmires Reservoir.

Walker following path next to the brook at Wyming Brook Nature Reserve