Inspired use of spare space at Hillsborough Vape Lounge

When Roger Smith, a Business Information Officer with Business Sheffield, first visited Hillsborough Vape Lounge to offer his support, owner Steve Mansfield said thanks but no thanks as the business was doing fine. “Being me,” says Roger, “I said something like ‘Well, I bet you I could help make it even better!’” Later that day, Steve found himself stuck with something and decided to give Roger a call.

“I didn’t know what to do with the space upstairs, and I was struggling with it,” says Steve. “Roger gave me some really good ideas.” Roger exchanged ideas with Steve, helped him narrow down to opportunities that didn’t add to his running costs, and advised him on how to get the best value out of the space. Steve has taken that support and run with it, setting up an air-conditioned workspace with well-equipped desks for rent and a comfortable lounge. 

“It’s a great space for someone to hire out on a quarterly basis to run a business from, or just for people who are working from home in unsuitable conditions,” says Steve. “We’ve got a good wifi connection, a free coffee with each booking, and the air conditioner pumps fresh air in and stale air out.” This means it’s a safer than usual shared environment for work, with less risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Roger is available to support all businesses in Hillsborough, Oughtibridge, Deepcar, Stocksbridge and Fox Valley. To get in touch with him, call 07879 434574 or email

If your business is somewhere different, contact Business Sheffield to find the right person to support you. Email or call 0114 224 5000

To find out more about Hillsborough Vape Lounge and the workspace, call 0114 453 9746 or visit