Lady Canning's plantation

Lady Canning's Plantation
Lady Canning’s Plantation is a firm favourite with local riders.

Just a short ride from the city centre along the Peak Park cycle route, you’ll reach the edge of Houndkirk Moor and two fantastic blue-graded trails.

Blue Steel is 1.4km, packed with berms, drop-offs and rollers guaranteed to put a smile on your face, whatever your ability.

In the words of Sheffield’s mountain bike legend Steve Peat, "it’s an awesome ride!"

In true Outdoor City style, the trail was entirely built with funds raised by mountain bikers and local businesses, going from rough sketch to reality in just over two years.

After Blue Steel you’ll reach Cooking On Gas – a further downhill section and linking flow trail which opened in 2017. A bit different to the usual, it’s a less intense ride featuring sculpted berms with an emphasis on flow.

Built in the freezing cold of February, it was successfully camouflaged and kept top secret to allow the trail to settle and harden.

You have to try it. It’s become an instant classic.