Clean power from renewable fuels

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A city integral to the industrial revolution, it seems rather fitting that Sheffield is now playing a part in the green energy revolution that’s gaining traction fast. As a power systems technology firm, Libertine is a key player in this rapidly changing movement.

Tackling the climate emergency with simple ingenuity, Libertine aims to bring forward the widespread use of Free Piston Engines in distribution and transport markets. 

In simple terms, a Free Piston Engine sees the crankshaft replaced by a linear electrical generator. This creates a highly efficient engine, producing a third more power from the same amount of renewable fuel. Smart and ultimately cost-saving. 

Backed by the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund (NPIF), Libertine has expanded its operation since its inception in 2009. The team relocated to the impressive Vantage Park just outside of the city centre in 2018, to further develop and grow their offering. 

Home to others in the technology manufacturing sector, it shows a keen appetite for investments of this nature in the Sheffield City Region, as well as the local talent and resources available to make things happen – and happen at scale.

Opening the Vantage Park office, Founder and Chief Executive, Sam Cockerill, said: “It was a clear-cut decision to locate along the Sheffield-Rotherham border, an area which has an abundance of advanced technology-based businesses and a skilled labour market that will be crucial for further recruitment and expansion of the business. We have doubled our workforce in the past two years and will potentially double it again over the next 12 months.”


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