Parkwood Springs: An inner-city MTB trail

This isn’t a trail centre, it’s city centre!

Start the day by heading out from Kelham Island to Parkwood Springs for a twisty trail with great views across the city.

There’s not a straight line in the whole 2km.
On the ascents the constant turns keep your mind off the altitude accumulation. On the downs, the flowing berms, tables and doubles keep the grins from ear to ear with enough placed rocks and tightening turns to keep you thinking.

Push that bit harder and you’ll love the opt-ins, the rewarding pumps and the loose inside lines, whatever bike you’re on.

Look out for Ranger Tom on a Wednesday afternoon doing site maintenance. You might find coaching groups honing their skills to maximise fun too, and there’s an annual XC race.

For head-to-head competition, you’ll love the dual slalom track.
Race side by side down an almost identical track at the same time as a friend. It’s all tried and tested by our very own Steve Peat.

Warning: it's not for the faint-hearted!
When you’re done, grab a buttie from the Sandwich Shop on Rutland Road before heading out elsewhere.

The tracks here became a reality thanks to locals like Dan Cook and Jon Dallow. 
They ran community sessions with bikers for years to show the positive impact the project would have. The Friends of Parkwood Springs were a great help too. And local builders, Bike Track, did us proud creating the trails.