Tecomet: growing leadership and management expertise

Tecomet, a medical device and aerospace manufacturer, concentrating on castings, forgings and machinery has benefited from support through the Invest Sheffield team, leading to a referral to the Sheffield City Region Skills Bank. 

Based in Beulah Rd, Sheffield, the company has engaged with Invest Sheffield over a number of years to support their continued development. 

As part of a regular catch up, Anne Brennan & Jon Denton from Invest Sheffield met with Nancy Bradbury, Tecomet’s HR Director for Europe to discuss their training needs focussing on leadership and management. 

Tecomet were keen to explore how they could grow their leadership and management knowledge and expertise to strengthen the business further. During the discussions it was agreed to effect an introduction to the Skills Bank. 

Skills Bank 2 helps companies access training and funding for upskilling their workforce, closing skills gaps and contributing to growth and has been running since April 2019. 

Nancy said: “Tecomet prides itself on providing quality services and having a skilled, leading workforce. We approached Skills Bank as we wanted to take a considered approach towards training and development and the advice from the Skills Bank team was invaluable. 

Tecomet submitted a successful application to support 90 learners through the programme, provided by BSA Training. 

“The learners, made up of our team leaders, supervisors and management, will be focussed on leadership and management training in order to grow their knowledge and expertise and therefore strengthen the business even further which will help us to continue and increase our recent growth.” 

Tecomet`s application was the 100th application to be supported through the programme. Further information, for both employers and training providers, can be found at skillsbankscr.co.uk which outlines some of the training on offer as well as details on the range of training providers already involved in the scheme.  


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