Tickets For Good announce integration with Spektrix

29 Jan 2021

Tickets for Good continues rapid growth in 2021 and announces that their ‘Ticket Bank’ service will now utilise the Spektrix network of arts venues. This will enable a seamless delivery of thousands of event tickets to charities, social prescribers and the NHS across the UK. 

Established in 2017, Tickets for Good is a small group of related social enterprises, working together to broaden access to events for vulnerable and disadvantaged peopleThe Ticket Bank platform was created in 2019 as a secure system to allow venues and promoters to donate tickets which can then be claimed by charities, social prescribers and the NHS. These groups can then, in turn, distribute to their service users and staff members. 

As the UK begins to look forward to the return of events in 2021, The Ticket Bank service from Tickets for Good will be vital for helping the maximum number of people back into events, helping to create diverse audiences from all sections of society.

Integrating Spektrix into the Ticket Bank platform provides instant access at the click of a button for 400+ arts venues in the UK and allows TfG to focus on their overall aim of increasing arts participation. The Curve, a Sheffield-based tech firm, were chosen as Tickets for Good’s DevOps Delivery Partner at the end of last year. In light of their appointment, industry-leading professionals at The Curve helped to integrate Spektrix into the Tickets for Good platform.

Made in Sheffield, Tickets for Good and it’s Ticket Bank platform have already distributed thousands of free event tickets to over 500 registered not-for-profit groups across the UK. They allow venues to fill empty seats, meet social responsibility goals and give venues free access to new audience demographics. 

The value of engagement in the arts for wellbeing is now well recognised. A study conducted exclusively for Tickets for Good with LifePsychol Ltd proved a clear link between event attendance and mental wellbeing. This understanding goes hand in hand with the global shift in using wellbeing and happiness as indicators of a nation’s success in place of more traditional measures like GDP. 

Spektrix is a rapidly growing CRM platform providing ticketing, marketing and API solutions for over 50% of the UK’s arts venues. This integration with Tickets for Good is a new step for the company, representing the first time that their software is being implemented to distribute free tickets with a huge social value. 

Anna Wiseman - Head of Strategic Partner Relations for Spektrix said;

‘At Spektrix we believe that the arts are fundamental to a high quality of life and the health of our communities, so we’re thrilled that Tickets for Good have built an integration. We know that this will make a huge difference to many of the non-profit arts organisations we work with who already donate tickets to charities and other service providers. Now they can use our leading technology to do this in a pain-free way’.

Steve Rimmer - Founder of Tickets for Good said;

‘We’re absolutely delighted to be partnering with Spektrix on this direct integration to their platform. We know that attending events have a positive effect on wellbeing and look forward to helping venues in their ‘Return to Live’ as soon as possible, to help people feel healthier and happier.’