Yoga My Life: social entrepreneur branches out to affirmative skincare

Farah-Naz Khan, a renowned holistic yoga therapist, trainer and social entrepreneur has dedicated her career to enabling people to take ownership of their own health and wellbeing. Her first venture was award winning social enterprise Yoga4 UK: Farah developed a series of nationally accredited yoga and wellness training programmes designed to build workforce capacity across organisations working in the community whilst widening access to health opportunities. 

The same principles were at the heart of the Yoga Shed, the studio Farah opened in 2019, and remain strong in Yoga My Life, her latest venture. During COVID-19, she stopped classes at the Yoga Shed and took a diploma in organic natural skincare. Combining this with her previous experience, she developed Yoga My Life’s Afterglow skincare range, bursting with botanicals and incorporating positive affirmations and mantras.

“The thing we all struggle with is making time for things,” says Farah, “so why not look at the typical things we do every day and make those things contribute to our wellbeing? Establish a daily routine where you incorporate and reflect back positive self-talk.” The products in Yoga My Life’s Afterglow range each carry a positive affirmation for the user to say out loud or quietly and to think about. All the ingredients are natural, vegan and of the highest quality, and all packaging is recyclable. 

Experienced businesswoman Farah has learnt a lot through this new venture. “It’s been a steep learning curve,” she says, “from sourcing the right ingredients to finding the right manufacturer. I’m currently working on building relationships with the right stockists. I’m creating training programmes connected to the products, so that stockists can benefit from an internationally recognised qualification and use our products in the most beneficial way.”

Jane Gregory, Business Advisor at Business Sheffield, has been supporting Farah on this journey since 2021. Jane is one of a team of expert Business Advisors at Business Sheffield, offering businesses in-depth support across a range of specialisms. 

“The first thing she did was tell me to go away and think bigger,” she says. “She inspired me with confidence, and gave me a push to have a more coherent approach. For instance, she helped me develop the brand identity, pushing me to think about an overarching brand name rather than just focusing on an individual product or range. She encouraged me not to tie myself down, and to think more widely about what else I could do under my brand.” As a result, Farah has also trade marked a range of eco-friendly insulated water bottles, offers pressed natural flowers, and will look to expand Yoga My Life beyond Afterglow.

“Jane also helped me with selling and how to view it,” Farah continues. “I did a session with her recently on breaking through the resistance to picking up the phone. She encouraged me to treat it not as cold calling, but as establishing relationships with people I could work with and looking for ideas that will be mutually beneficial. I’m coming to understand how the ways that people buy and relate to one another have changed through COVID-19. Jane’s also supported with the SEO side of the website, and how I can get the best from it without spending a lot initially.”

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