The National Videogame Museum

The UK's national cultural centre for videogames, The National Videogame Museum is on a mission to collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret videogames for everyone.
Inside the iconic Castle House building in Sheffield, you'll find an interactive museum dedicated to exploring the culture, playfulness, design and people behind videogames, as well as encouraging visitors to develop their own game-making abilities.

Additional Information

The Museum is split into several exhibition and play areas.
The Arcade
Play the fantastic arcade machine collection including much-loved classics like Space Invaders, Pacman and Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. You won't need any coins though, as you pay can free play your way though all the arcade games, for as along as you like.

Game Bundles
Discover and play the huge games collection in exhibitions that tell new stories about games, how they are made and the people that made them. Currently they have exhibitions featuring Gravity, Textbox, Driving, Words Per Minute, Bonus Levels and much much more.
Platform 14
This exhibit explores Nintendo's classic, Donkey Kong, with 14 different versions of the platforming behemoth, all from different platforms and consoles.
Super Mario
One of the most recognisable characters in all of pop-culture, see how Mario has evolved over 35 years in videogames!
The Lab
The Lab is the creative core of the NVM, it’s all about game-making, game experiments and games in development. Here you can play and test unreleased and unfinished games, before anyone else in the world.
Made in Sheffield!
Being based in the amazing Steel City, the museum showcases some of the rich history of videogaming that has been created right here, in Sheffield. From Monty Mole to Zool to Outrun 2 to Snake Pass to Gang Beasts - some of the best loved titles in all of gamedom were created here. 

Accessibility Information

See full details of the museum's accessibility on their website here.