Wessex Archaeology

Wessex Archaeology and the Sheffield Visual Arts Group have launched a free interactive digital map featuring over 180 public artworks from across Sheffield. The Sheffield Public Artworks Map brings together famous as well as hidden sculpture based artworks found in and around the city by a team of 19 volunteers.

Additional Information

Wessex Archaeology is the UK’s leading provider of archaeological and heritage services, and an educational charity. 

Established for 40 years, we offer an unrivalled range of services above ground, below ground and underwater, delivered by over 320 industry experts from an international network of offices

They work in partnership with our clients across a variety of sectors to deliver practical, sustainable solutions to effectively manage the historic environment. Our experience and knowledge help our clients achieve successful planning outcomes, engage communities and stakeholders, and enhance the value of national historical assets.

As a registered charity, community engagement is at the heart of what we do. We are committed to promoting education in science, the arts, culture and heritage. The knowledge gained through serving our commercial clients is used to enhance the experiences of individuals, communities, and organisations alike.