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Side Quest

20 May 2023 19:30 - 21:30

Choose the adventure in a live interactive performance.

Come merry folk from yonder to craft a tall tale with aide from the Story Master and a sprinkle of magic.

Fill in a character sheet then watch your protagonist spring to life as they embark on an epic quest (or go way off track) as performed by Sheffield comedy improvisers.

Will they fight a dragon? Save a village of pixies? Or get stuck in a dungeon and eat each others shoes?

Anything can happen. Your characters, your locations, and with every fork in the road you decide where to go next... A fantasy fun filled night for all.

"A Whimsical Delight!" Steel Cauldron

"The most fun comedy event we have ever had" DINA Venue

Credits From the creative talents of Terri Silver, Geoff Beard, Thomas McGrath, Shannon Greaves, Barney Thomas and Rhys Hinds.



Additional Information

About this performance

Age guidance: This performance is recommended for ages 7+

Content warning: This performance contains mild pretend violence, and occasional swearing

Duration: This performance is 120 minutes long.

Interval: This performance has a 15 minute interval.