Andy Sorsby, growth advisor

Are you a business owner or a senior level employee looking for practical advice on improving productivity and performance in your business? Or a small or medium sized business trying to overcome digital and productivity challenges? Are you looking for support on grant funding applications in these areas?

Meet Andy from our team of business advisors. Known for his pragmatic and practical advice Andy worked with hundreds of businesses during the pandemic to help with immediate cash flow issues and is now helping businesses to look at productivity, performance and digital challenges. He provides expert support on those tricky grant funding applications too.

Andy’s here to help businesses be strong and viable. He’ll quickly look at suggestions for strategic improvements and work with you to develop a programme of activity which is manageable alongside your business. And he’ll stick around, providing ongoing support and accountability to keep you on track.

How does this work? Andy tries to keep things simple with a series of five key areas to look at- where your business is trying to get to, understanding your sales pipeline and how your marketing affects it, delivering exceptional customer service (and measuring it), managing costs and making people responsible and accountable. 

He’ll help you to understand the challenges in your business and navigate the vast amount of support out there for businesses to tap into.

Perhaps you’re wondering where all this expertise comes from? Well Andy has years of experience in distribution and logistics with large organisations like BMW, M&S and Heineken which he’s committed to use to help smaller companies grow and prosper. Oh and he’s been coaching and supporting managers in large organisations for more than 20 years.

Get in touch with Andy

Phone: 07570 959082