Lucy O'Neill

Lucy is a Geography student at the University of Sheffield

One of the principal concerns many students have about university is whether it is an affordable option for them. Whilst money worries are an understandable concern, Sheffield can be a great place for low cost student living! A large part of a students monthly budget is food and Sheffield has some great low cost options. Sheffield is host to multiple larger supermarkets which tend to be cheaper than their convenience equivalents as well as also having lower cost supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl. Using these supermarkets to cook meals at home can be a great way to save money whilst improving your cooking skills. 

Nights out with friends is a quintessential part of student life and joining a society through the university can be a great way to enjoy a night out without breaking the bank. Going to bars/club events hosted by your society often means discounted drinks provided by vouchers through the society. This can be a good way to meet friends and enjoy yourself on a budget. 

Finally, doing fun activities around Sheffield and the surrounding area can be affordable thanks to a fantastic public transport service. Presentation of your student ID when getting on a bus gives you a discounted ticket price enabling affordable travel to a wide range of locations including our beloved Peak District! You and your friends can enjoy a great day out in the beautiful Peaks without having to worry about expensive trains or taxis.

There is also a whole host of local businesses in Sheffield offering student discounts- be brave and ask retailers if they provide a student discount! Sheffield is a fun and vibrant city which is heavily student oriented meaning the cost of living is geared towards student lifestyles and budgets. University can be an affordable option and living in Sheffield can help you to realise this.


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