Matt Bigland, Restaurateur

Sheffield makes me know where I am and where I'm going

I moved to Sheffield in 1998 for a degree at Sheffield Hallam University and fell in love with the city. I'm now older (maybe wiser) but still spend as much time in bars and restaurants as I did at 18 so some things have not changed! I'm now touching the city daily via our businesses and family. We shop, eat, drink, socialise, entertain in the city and educate our child for the future in the city at a school voted the 7th best in the UK. Every part of our lives for the last 20 years has been impacted by Sheffield and how we interact with its ecosystem and its people.

My business is in the food, drink and hospitality within the city, mainly within the Kelham Island area, along with our current project that is hopefully going to bring loyalty and rewards to Sheffield retailers and hospitality markets. The biggest project we completed recently was the 15’000 square foot food hall ‘Cutlery Works’. It was the first of its kind in the city, hosting 3 bars, 12 kitchens and a chocolate factory under one roof. 

Sheffield has a big city status but feels like home, its small enough via its pockets of areas to feel like a multitude of villages combining for the greater good. It is fiercely independent, creative, loyal to its own, yet quick to embrace people who understand its DNA. The green city status enhances its closeness to the outdoors and what can be a 10-minute drive can transform you to tranquillity or adrenalin depending on your chosen criteria.

Sheffield has been a tough mentor and taught me a lot of lessons but ultimately has steered my path to where I am today.