Sally Pepper, business information officer

Are you a high street business looking for some support after the challenges of the past couple of years? Or maybe you’ve just started out on the high street?

Meet Sally, one of our team of High Street specialists. She’s regularly out and about in her patches- Crookes, Broomhill, Woodhouse, Richmond Road, Manor Park Centre, Stradbroke Drive, Mansfield Road and Handsworth.

Sally loves working with owners who have a strong purpose for their business. She’s also great at sorting things out when businesses feel like they are ‘in a pickle’. She’s friendly and approachable and as a visual merchandising specialist she’s a dab hand at helping businesses attract customers and silently sell. She’ll look at everything from brand image, windows and signage to shop layout, product mechanising and communications (and lots more too) She’s great at showing you what your customers see (or don’t see!)

Sally is a passionate supporter of independent retailers and the regeneration of our high streets. With over 25 years’ experience in the retail sector including 10 years’ project management, she now works with a variety of business owners from start-up’s through to well established retailers and other high street businesses- providing a blend of mentoring, coaching and training.

She’s a One Of Many® certified Women’s Coach and a full member of the Association Business Mentors.

Whether it’s an immediate issue that needs dealing with, more of a business challenge that you’re not sure how to move forward on (turnover, profitability, recruitment, staff development or marketing) or a discussion on what the future looks like (strategy and planning ahead) Sally can help.

Like all our advisors, she’s helpfully connected into colleagues at the council to assist with things like licensing or street cleaning. And she has the knowledge to help you get things sorted.

Get in touch with Sally.


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