Simon Walton, business information officer

Are you a high street business looking for some support after the challenges of the past couple of years? Or maybe you’ve just started out on the high street?

Meet Simon, one of our team of High Street specialists. He’s regularly out and about in his patches- Chapletown, High Green, Ecclesfield, Grenoside, Walkley, Mosborough and Hackenthorpe.

Simon likes to get under the skin of the community he’s working in and if you want someone to listen and help you spread the word Simon’s your man. Sheffield businesses already know Simon for his practical advice and ‘always on hand to help’ attitude. He’s a strong believer that there is so much out there to help businesses be more profitable, more productive, and more the sort of place you want to roll up the shutters and welcome the first customers of the day.

Simon’s a PR guy at heart. He’s worked in public relations and media with retailers, businesses and organisations from every sector of the UK economy. From columns in the Times to editing the local times, he’s helped get the message across for hundreds of businesses just like yours.

Still sounding as Scottish as his Edinburgh roots Simon knows how much businesses do for the community- and how much more they want to do. He’s here to help get things off the ground if you have an idea. And, as with all our information officers, he’s here to help solve problems and access all the support you need.

Simon is friendly and as enthusiastic about your business as you are. Like all our advisors, he’s helpfully connected into colleagues at the council to assist with things like licensing or street cleaning. He’s here to help you get things sorted.

Get in touch with Simon.

Phone: 07540 313018


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