Steve Carroll, growth advisor

Steve Carroll

Are you a business owner or a senior level employee looking for practical advice on improving your business? Do you need a reliable sounding board? Perhaps you are looking for some solid support on finance and the challenges that brings?

Meet Steve. One of our growth advisors. Steve knows that business owners are great salespeople, engineers, technologists etc. but that they don’t necessarily have experience in running a business. He’s here to help. He can’t physically run a CNC machine or write software code but he’s been involved in enough projects and businesses to quickly get a good understanding of what’s successful, identify obstacles and help move things along.

Steve is a finance guy at heart but he’s also fun and easy to work with. He’s a licensed Member in Practice with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.  After 7 years at a leading international advisory firm, he was a Finance Director at various SME businesses.  Steve draws on this experience when talking to business owners and directors looking at the how as well as the why- and the fact that finance is a regular blind spot for all of us.  

Steve has an ‘every day’s a school day’ mentality and loves the variety of people and businesses he supports (he learns so much from them and other advisors in the team)  Recently he’s developed detailed cashflow forecast with an established business hitting a bit of a rocky patch and identified actions to take, introduced growth companies to some of his network of local funders he’s built over the years, having helped with the preparation and presentation of information and helped a new Managing Director as a regular sounding board.

Steve is often asked about grants. He’s been involved in all sorts of grant programmes. He’s keen to make sure that they fit in with your goals and help do things quicker or bigger.  A grant that doesn’t do this can be an expensive distraction and there may be better options available.

Steve also has a happy knack of helping businesses navigate the wide network of support we are blessed with in Sheffield including both universities. He’s here to understand the opportunities and challenges facing your business and find a practical way forward using a mix of his own support skills and those of specialists in our network. Could Steve help your business?

Get in touch with Steve.

Phone: 07740 080774


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