Sheffield’s high skill set was a major draw for International Law Firm Fragomen

So why did Fragomen Worldwide choose Sheffield as the base for their second UK office?  We speak to Lee Bartlett, Senior Manager at Fragomen Worldwide to find out. 

When we decided that we wanted to expand our services outside of London, we looked at many different cities across the UK. Sheffield immediately became a strong proposition because of the large talent pool of highly skilled people that live in and around the city.  One of the main drivers for this talent pool and for our subsequent interests is the two large Universities right in the city centre. We held a law fair last year at the University of Sheffield because as an international firm we were interested in people who study both languages and law and this is something they excel in.  We are also talking to both Universities at the moment about running a summer placement scheme for students who want paid work experience for 3 months, making sure we access the talent we have close by. So, as you can see the Universities are a huge asset to the city and a magnet to firms like ours looking to relocate. 

The other big draw that led us to Sheffield over other cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds were the transport links and its central location in the UK. We have a bit of a joke at Fragomen that Sheffield appears to be one hour from everywhere – Nottingham, Leeds, Birmingham etc. Plus it’s currently only 2 hours on the train to London, and with it being on the HS2 line, it will only get quicker and more convenient to get down to London when we need to.

We’ve found the office stock here highly competitive too, meaning we can grow our business in a sustainable manner. In London, there is a higher cost associated with growth because of the cost of real-estate. Being less than five minutes’ walk from one of the Home Office's Premium Service Centres where our clients can get a same day decision is also very useful for us.