Nightlife in Sheffield City Centre

Whether it’s sipping a couple of cocktails or partying at a club, Sheffield has a lively night-time scene where spirits are high all year round. 

While of course great pubs and bars can be found throughout Sheffield (see Kelham Island, the Antiques Quarter and Ecclesall Road), the City Centre is the main hub where the nightlife takes place, complemented by a great range of theatre and live entertainment venues.

Once again the compactness of the city centre lends itself well to a night out, particularly if you want to experience a variety of establishments without having to catch a cab every time you move onto a new nightspot. West Street, Carver Street and Division Street adjoin to provide the main circuit of bars and pubs, though each street maintains its own distinct character. 

The West Street strip is the biggest and busiest of the three, where larger chains intermingle with independents. On Carver Street you’ll find a cluster of bars/small clubs which open to the early hours playing a diverse range of music on different nights and host VIPS in exclusive areas, while Divison Street has a more relaxed bohemian vibe, but is no less lively.

Here you’ll find quirky bars and pubs which double as music venues with live bands playing on some nights. Away from the main circuit, Leopold Square offers a sophisticated cluster of vibrant restaurants and bars, where you'll also find live outdoor music every weekend during the Summer months.