A Aye Captain

05 Apr 2024 19:30

Cult comedy troupe Fishpie are back to cheer us all up with their biggest, brightest show yet. A Aye Captain is the follow up to their smash hit Lost at Shore and is awash with unforgettable characters, original songs, dance, puppetry and live music. Docking in the port of the Theatre Deli, the show features some of Yorkshire’s finest and funniest alternative acts. A Aye Captain promises an unforgettable night of uplifting, surreal comedy that’ll warm even the chilliest of cockles. The Sandy Clam trawling vessel faces financial ruin and the crew are growing ever more mutinous, but Captain Fishfingers is missing. Cabin Boy will have to set off to find him before all is lost. This time they won't just need to sail the seas but deep into the metaverse and who knows what could be lurking there. Can Fishfingers be found? What even is the metaverse? and has AI written this show? Find out in the latest nautical romp by the inimitable Fish Pie Cabaret. Praise for Fishpie Cabaret: ‘‘Fishpie is a wonderfully eclectic mix of mayhem and talent. You never know what you're going to get or why you're laughing but you will - until your face hurts. Sheffield's best kept secret.’’