Neo Geodesia + Jaeho Hwang + Ayankoko

04 May 2024 19:00 - 23:30

Live electronic music from Chinabot - a platform and collective to change the dialogue surrounding Asian music.

Neo Geodesia is Saphy Vong, a French Cambodian audio visual artist born in a Thai refugee camp after his parents fled the Khmer Rouge, and grew up in the suburbs of Nancy, north-eastern France. His unique musical outlook fuses the experimental and DIY ethos that can be found in the local Nancy Hardcore and Grindcore scene that embraced him as a teenager, and the sounds broadcasted from Cambodia into his home through his parents pirated tapes and videos of Khmer pop, karaoke, monk chants, and movies. 

Jaeho Hwang is a London/Seoul-based DJ, producer, and visual artist. As a producer, he recontextualizes traditional Korean instrumentation and brings it into the contemporary club music scene. As a DJ, he has been recognised for forward-thinking mix styles including Techno, Bass, Hard dance, Reggaeton, Post-Club, Experimental with Asian sounds. 

Ayankoko is the solo musical effort of French-Laotian multi-instrumentalist and composer David Somphrachanh Vilayleck; a fusion of jazz, sound design, traditional, noise, ambient, computer music, and classical. He studied at the French conservatories of Perpignan and Strasbourg and has a PhD in jazz guitar, improvised music and composition. Ayankoko is an ever-evolving project which questions the ear about sound perception, its raw nature, the definition of music and the concept of ugly-beauty. 


£12 - £5 depending on abililty to pay