Explore Sheffield's Indie Retail Scene 

It's been a while since we could enjoy browsing in person and there are lots of fantastic independent retail businesses right across Sheffield ready to welcome you back into their shops.

If you fancy whiling away some hours browsing a few places in one go and maybe combining with a spot of lunch, then it’s worth exploring some areas of the city where there are clusters of indie shops close by to one another, along with some great places to eat and drink.


Sheffield City Centre

The main city centre is undergoing significant transformation. While a few well-known high street names may have left over the last year, there are still plenty of amazing independent shops to browse. Division Street has long been an indie retail stronghold, with the likes of Moonko, Collard Manson, Sa-Kis, The Alternative Store, Plantology and Bear Tree Records to mention a few. The street is also home to Vulgar, and if you like vintage shops, you’ll be spoilt for choice further in the city centre with the likes of Glass Onion, Freshman’s and Thrifty Store to peruse.

Elsewhere, you’ll find independent shops dotted throughout the city centre. Food hall, Kommune in Castlegate, is home to La Biblioteka and Hope Hideout, while gaming shop Patriot Games has recently moved next to the National Videogame Museum in this area. Nearby, newly transformed Fitzalan Square has recently seen art shop extraordinaire, Fred Aldous open.

For unique wares from local makers, visit Birds Yard, All Good Stuff and Sheffield Makers in the Winter Gardens (plus the Millennium Gallery Shop when they reopen with the museum). The Moor Market is entirely made up of independent traders, like Beer Central and S&J’s Pantry, so worth a visit for both essentials and treats, while Sheffield's independent department store Atkinsons, also sells a whole range of different goods and is conveniently located opposite the market. 


Sharrow Vale Road & Ecclesall Road 

Ecclesall Road offers a 3 mile stretch of restaurants, coffee houses, pubs, bars and shops, with ease of access to some of the city’s loveliest green spaces. Intermingled with some familiar brands, you’ll also find a wealth of unique indie businesses such as Cocoa Wonderland, The Famous Sheffield Shop,  Rag Parade, Snugg, Mookau, Craft and Berry, Rhyme and Reason and Sheffield Makers Hunters Bar, plus many more.

Running parallel to Ecclesall Road, vibrant Sharrow Vale Road is a much shorter stretch but still boasts one of the most concentrated offerings of independent shops in the city. From artist Pete McKee’s Gallery, Starmore Boss and the Porter Book Shop, to Eve Kitchen’s doughnuts and homeware or Trapeze Kids, the selection of shops here is truly eclectic and bursting with charm. New addition, Dyson’s Place is also further adding to the Sharrow retail scene, with several small businesses having opened up as part of their development.


Abbeydale Road 

Also known as the Sheffield Antiques Quarter, namely because of the likes of Sheffield Antiques Centre, Sheffield Antiques Emporium and Heely Bank Antiques Centre, the area along and around Abbeydale Road houses a diverse selection of quirky independents. Alongside the many bars, restaurants and cafes, (and inside some of them too) you’ll also find some great shops. Coles Corner is both record shop and café-bar, while Two Thirds doubles as bar and bottle shop, and Italian specialists Bragazzis offer cafe, delicatessen, and shop. Gravelpit Homeware, Turner’s Bottleshop, and Frippery & Nonsense are just a handful of the shops you’ll come across.

If you feel like extending a retail wander, nearby Chesterfield Road is not to far away and again home to plentiful independents, such as record store Spinning Discs, model shop Rails of Sheffield and long established furniture store Ponsfords


Kelham Island

The remains of the numerous cutlery and steel works, factories and workshops is part of what gives Kelham Island its distinct charm, except nowadays these buildings house everything from bars and microbreweries to galleries. As the hospitality scene has gone from strength to strength in Kelham, more retail is also now beginning to pop up.

It appears lots of businesses are proud to bear the Kelham name, such as Kelham Books and MusicKelham Deli, Kelham Island Brewery Shop, Kelham Arcade (home to a cluster of shops such as Russell’s Bicycle Shed), and The Kelham Flea. In addition to the latter, there’s also there’s a growing number of vintage and retro shops such as The Blind Mole, new addition The WareHouse at Yellow Arch Studios and The Indie Arcade on Scotland Street a little further out.

Nearby Neepsend, which blurs into Kelham, is growing too with small businesses like Banana Industries, The Outpost model shop and Gatling Guitars having joined in recent years, and it will grow further when Bullion Chocolate open their new factory shop later this year.


Crookes & Walkey

Sharing the same hill, Crookes and Walkey are close enough to one another that you could easily take a shopping stroll round both in a morning or afternoon, and maybe even add on a visit to Broomhill too. All are home to a selection of unique retail businesses.

On South Road in Walkey there’s an array of interesting indie shops such as Walkey Beer Co, inner city farm shop Beeches of Walkey, Miss Samantha Vintage, Gerrys Bakery, Plantology and gift shop The Walkey Press.

Further up the hill, along the main road in Crookes you’ll find shops such as Meadow Small, Sorrel’s Cocoa Bakery (where a queue is not uncommon), award winning Small Stuff and Flourish. Just down the road in Broomhill, is the legendary Record Collector, quite possibly Sheffield’s most famous record shop.