Sheffield has always had a proud history of beer. Small but numerous breweries formed during the industrial revolution, providing refreshment to men in factories, forges and furnaces. Nowadays, Sheffield’s brewing scene has evolved so much that the city is truly a premier destination for beer connoisseurs and stands amongst the best in the world.

Don't believe us? In 2016, a report  carried out by the University of Sheffield found the city to be Real Ale Capital of the World (given Britain is the only country in which cask/real ale is a significant beer institution and Sheffield is at the forefront of this production in the UK)  and can also stake a claim to being the birthplace of the UK craft beer revolution.

The report also showed that Sheffield has one brewery for every 23,991 people - 4.7 times more brewers per capita than Greater London, the city's breweries churn out over 1,000 different beers each year, while on a typical day around 400 different, unique beers  are available to enjoy in city’s rustic pubs and quirky bars.

On Sheffield Train Station's Platform 1, The Sheffield Tap stands as a gateway into the city's beer scene, ready and waiting to induct visitors the minute they step off the train. Beyond this, Kelham Island is certainly a Mecca at the heart of Sheffield’s real ale pub scene, but it’s by no means confined to this area, as great pubs can be found in every corner of the city.

Sheffield Pubs

It goes without saying that there are a lot of great drinking establishments to  choose from in Sheffield, too many for us to highlight every single one on this page, so we've choice picked a selection of the best on offer.