Great things in your neighbourhood

25 Jun 2020

Trying to feature all the various support groups and initiatives that have risen to the challenge of the last few months would take a whole website on its own, but below are some heart-warming examples of how Sheffield has come together in a neighbourly way.

If you’ve got any neighbourhood or community stories to share please let us know at We’d like to credit Now Then Magazine for doing an amazing job of profiling huge amounts of community stories – we highly recommend downloading their app for this sort of stuff and more.

Please note a lot of these community groups and organisations are relying even more heavily on donations, so if you feel so inclined please do search out the ways you can help.

Beans on Toast are a group of musicians and filmmakers whose usual activity ground to a halt, but had the great idea of setting up a makeshift Saturday morning TV show from a terraced house in Pittsmoor. You can read more about them here.

Parson cross forum have had to change the way they deliver dementia services to create community cohesion. Working with music and social interaction they have managed to continue their weekly Memory Cafes in a digital way to ensure the important routine for their members, and delivered parcels to each individual thanks to the hard work and dedication of their team.

Darnall Wellbeing work across Darnall and Tinsley to keep people healthy – whether that’s support groups or involvement in the Move More initiative in the city. To help in these times when face to face contact isn’t so easy, they have been putting together and distributing some great activity packs to help keep people busy and smiling. You can use download and use them yourself.

Disability Sheffield are an incredible organisation helping people across the city who are often most vulnerable to suffering from isolation or disconnection from the outside world. They have been distributing phones and doing all they can to keep in contact with their service users to maintain their goal of independent living for all.

Food banks and parcels have, sadly, been commonplace over the last few months. The Foodhall Project have been trying to ensure those who need it get quick and easy access, and that everyone is fed. They’ve been working with partners left, right and centre and been doing a sterling job, but you can still help by volunteering or donating at their drop off points.

One difficulty though is ensuring food parcels are culturally appropriate, especially whilst fasting was taking place for Ramadan. The Pakistan Muslim Centre, close to Darnall and Attercliffe, have teamed up with Shahid Catering Services to donate a meal to the vulnerable and needy in the community.