The Sheffield Property Association

Established in 2017, the Sheffield Property Association is an independent association of significant land owning and development businesses in the city of Sheffield, who along with a wide range of professional organisations, are helping create and support the continued improvement of the city’s built environment. The Association’s members represent over 20,000 jobs and £4bn in assets.

The S-PA is the collective voice of property in Sheffield. They have showcased the city at home and abroad. They have built lasting relationships with key stakeholders in our nation’s capital. They have started the work needed to ensure our city resonates positively around the property and development world.

Their vision is to contribute to creating a greater, better and more beautiful Sheffield. They are inspired by the view that cities are not just collections of buildings. Cities are also an idea. An idea that people achieve more together. We seek out interaction and influence. Conversations that spark collaborations. Meetings that trigger innovation.

Their success in the short time they have been in existence has been meteoric. 2019s MIPIM has been shook up with debate around the city concerning the true wealth of a city they were invited to and co-hosted a London Property Alliance event in the Houses of Parliament (as the only two UK property associations), and they have held numerous events in the city with wide ranges of attendees that seek to galvanise the city.

Key people from the S-PA

Martin McKervey

Chair of the S-PA, Martin also gets involved in numerous charitable partnerships and community initiatives.

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