Open Gates Outdoors and Coaching Limited

Open Gates Outdoors and Coaching Limited (OGO) is committed to widening participation in the outdoors in and around Sheffield.

OGO believes it is important that access to the outdoors is more diverse and therefore that all communities in Sheffield are given opportunities to enjoy it.

OGO leads guided walks in urban and rural settings to corporate partners, community/charity partners and to individuals.

OGO is a social enterprise which means it is committed to reinvesting its profit into its community.

It principally does this providing its services to its corporate partners for a reasonable fee and using the profit from this to provide its services to its community and charity partners for free.

OGO is committed to improving its customers’ well-being by developing their sense of place and by providing opportunities for exercise.

All OGO’s walks will be full of ecological interest and historical context and will therefore be an awakening rather than just a walk!