Harrisons 1854

Harrisons 1854 offers you a relaxed spot for good drinks, good chat and a friendly atmosphere. You can find them on Regent Terrace, just off Glossop Road and a few steps from the crowds of West Street. Look for the big purple building and the twinkling lights!

Additional Information

They offer a great range of drinks - with local brews from Abbeydale and Bradfield breweries, continental draughts such as Pilsner Urquell, Peroni and Erdinger, and cocktails from the classics to house special The Steeplejacker. They also stock a variety of wines from the Old and New Worlds. There are a number of regular DJ nights and live music events held within the bar, visit their website for more details. Harrisons 1854 is also available for private hire for parties and events, accommodating 10 to 100+ guests.

Accessibility Information

Disabled toilets available