Lloyds Banking Group  

Steve Harris, Regional Director

The thriving business environment in Sheffield is matched by extensive, on-the-ground banking expertise from Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, which provides a full corporate banking presence in the city.  It is dedicated to serving regional businesses turning over between £1m to £1bn through locally-based advisers who genuinely understand the opportunities and challenges facing the area.

Steve Harris, Regional Director said, “Lloyds Bank has undergone an extensive programme of recruitment in the last few years, and we have always looked locally for new talent.  We employ over 1,500 people in the region across several divisions, including both apprentices and graduates at our Mortgage Centre in Sheffield, with high levels of retention across the board.  The countryside around the Peak District is simply stunning, and the quality schools throughout the region feed into world-class universities.  We have found this is frequently an important deciding factor for employees.”

Steve concluded, “Lloyds Bank is committed to helping Sheffield businesses access growth capital, flexible funding solutions and world-class expertise, delivered on a local scale, to maximise its potential.  This, combined with our pledge to grow our net lending to businesses by £1 billion every year for the foreseeable future, provides a solid platform for the city to play its crucial role in the wider economic revival.”