The Floow

Serving a global customer base from their Sheffield headquarters, innovative technology provider The Floow is emerging as one of the leading independent data science organisations in the telematics industry.  With a focus on individual mobility and through their work with the insurance industry, the data and insights provided by The Floow are helping make motor vehicles safer and cheaper for all. 

The Floow was established in February 2012 and over the past five years they have expanded from a core team of three to more than 70 members of staff as things stand today. Furthermore, they are now on track to double the workforce in the months ahead following a significant £13m equity investment which was announced earlier this year.

So why is The Floow based in Sheffield and choosing to continue to grow the business in the city?  We speak to Dr Sam Chapman, Co-founder and ?Chief Innovation Officer at The Floow to find out.

“One of the main reasons we continue to grow and evolve here in Sheffield, is that our origins are firmly rooted in scientific academic research, computer science, Big Data and statistical analysis. To that end, we continue to have a close relationship with The University of Sheffield who are a significant minority shareholder as well as an important source of talent. 

“In addition to the world-leading science base and the pipeline of local graduates and skills in the city, we also find that Sheffield has a huge amount to offer our team members – from access to stunning countryside, excellent local facilities, access to major transport links and an all-round quality of life."