Sheffield is the UK's greenest city

We are delighted that NatWest's study in 2021 gave us this title. It doesn't mean we're perfect by any stretch, but it's something we aim to keep doing better at. And it certainly makes us a pretty great place to live in.

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Make Yourself at Home in The Outdoor City

A film that truly highlights the joys of living in Sheffield.

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Climbing, mountain biking, road cycling, running, walking - we've got some of the best in the world. Seriously. But it's also about how liveable it is here. Green and blue spaces combine to form 61% greenspace (the 2nd highest percentage of any city in the world) in the 4th biggest city in England. Which is why we say this is the place where nature and culture intertwine.

The Outdoor City
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We are all Outdoor Cityzens

Living in Sheffield, and being surrounded by this much nature, means we have a duty to look after it - for ourselves, and those who want to visit here to experience it for themselves too.

Biodiversity, the climate and nature crises, and health and wellbeing are important aspects of life to consider. We want to help everyone make Sheffield more sustainable, eco-conscious and biodiverse.

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